SENTINEL (2012 – 2015)

The second pedal release, initially inspired by the guitar sound of the Black Keys track “til i get my way” from the Album Rubber Factory.

The circuit is derived from the Ibanez Standard Fuzz, an off shoot from the Superfuzz, a nasty square wave fuzz with octave overtones.

However, the Sentinel was heavily modified to be louder, clearer and more cutting, intended to use as a front end boost to an already crunchy to high gain tube amplifier.

The name “Sentinel” came from a Black Security Gate seen, at the time of dropping off enclosures to the powdercoaters.


the “black gate” – references to mordor/lord of the rings…

“I also had this  idea to take the piss out of audiophiles and use rare  holy grail black gate capacitors in something as absurd as an nasty fuzzbox…” – JC (AA)



early prototype + reference standard fuzz wau circuit traced.



Powdeercoated gloss black + laser engraved/ink filled enclosures


early revisions hand etched circuit boards




later revisions fabricated PCBs




Youtube Playlist


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