VAJANUS (2014-2015)

Limited Edition variant of the Vagiant.

Whilst the Vagiant was inspired by the Violet Rams Head Big Muff Spec, the Vajanus removed the coupling capacitor and  diodes in the first clipping stage, bringing it closer to the spec of the Coloursound Supa-Tonebender. Further modifications included different capacitor values, including a Russian PIO input capacitor. This resulted in the Vajanus being a fatter and hairy cousin to the Vagiant.

I basically got sick of people mispronouncing Vagiant. People were calling it Vay-Grant, Va-riant, Va-liant, Va-Jee-ant etc and i frankly worried that the Australian/Down under tongue in cheek toilet humour of the Giant Vagina did not translate well…so i joked that i would make my next pedal the VAG-Anus” JC (AA)



original notes from the Vagiant prototype


Pre-Faceplate enclosure test for top mount jacks and power fitment.1391443_668883509835844_1034859364_n.jpg



Limited Run with each enclosure finished slightly different.



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