PTP Handwired Multifaced High Gain Fuzz (2016)

A limited run of pedals, constructed with components, wires and hardware soldered point to point style (no circuit board) and a hand etched/cut tag.

There are slight variations in each enclosure/finish.


The circuit uses a topology of a cascaded transistor pair, with a selection of 4  n-channel mosfet and BJT transistors (2 selections per toggle) paired to a bias control, offering various combinations of fuzz sounds and textures.

a input cap toggle also interacts with the signal feeding the transistor gain stages, allowing a brighter cutting or fatter warmer voicing.


a giant russian PETP capacitor was ustilised as part of the circuits feedback loop  min/max fuzz character settings… and it was also the perfect “fit” for where the relevant circuit connections were required.



Custom One-Off w/Momentary Stomp(left) to switch between 2 Bias Controls



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