JHM-2 Johannah Montanah Signature EQ Booster (2015 – 2017)

The result of collaborations with avant-guarde recording artist Johannah Montanah, the JHM-2 was designed specifically to shape and transform any dirt source (pre or post placement of any dirt pedal,amplifier or fx loop) into the territory of the infamous HM-2 EQ curves.

This was available in 2 graphic art versions, a standard blood splattered AA and a Wrecking Ball edition…all individually blood splattered by Johannah Montanah.

“This pedal initially started out as a joke…with  the front end circuit input being inpisired by the Klon Centaur, mated with the Active EQ aka COLOUR H&L controls  from the Boss HM2. The end result was a cleaner style boost with the characteristic sub lows and obnoxious high mid squawk of the HM-2” – JC

                                Johannah Montana lending a hand in building her signature pedal


Johannah Montana’s Signature Guitar. with inbuilt/permanently active HM2 circuit



“JC at Anarchy Audio did such a splending job of refinishing and fusing my Washburn 3/4 sized Disney Princess guitar…and further modifying it to accept one of his old Jackson 25.5 scale lenght necks…not to mention installing a HM2 circuit…i just knew he was the one to create my signature EQ/Boost. I’ve gotten stupidly rich off of his hard work and these pedals will one day gain klon-like status.” – Johannah Montanah

Stay in touch with Johannah Montanah 


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