UGLYFACE w/LFO (2010-2018)

Custom builds with some modifications for better controlled useability.

Pre AA build 2010

Initial custom one off comissioned by Shea (Colour Control) the Tim Escobedo Uglyface w/LFO



2nd version with Footswitchable LFO and waveform selector toggle for Joe (Renegade)

2nd uglyface


AA custom builds

Knob for self oscillation gate control (very useful when stacking with amp gain or when you want self generated noise without touching the guitar/strings), blend control when LFO stomp is engaged for amount of pulsing,sweeping frequencies.







Custom Build for Karnivool



Initially built for Guitarist Drew Goddard, however temporarily featured on Bass Player Jon Stockman’s board, as seen in 2013 Pedalboard rundown. Believed to have featured on tracks from Asymmetry (nachash?)

John Stockman Prototype Uglyface.png



2013 – Custom Build for Sons of Rother

2013 carlos Sons of Rother.jpg


Custom Build – left plain at customers request (was to be hand painted/refinished, however we never got shown the final result)

uglyface 2014

uglyface 2014gut



2014 –  PCB revision

Custom Build for Bury the Heard

burytheheard 2014



2015 – One off in snakeskin tolex

Snakeskin 2015.jpg


uglyface 2015gutsnakeskin


 March 2018 – One Off




Enquiries and quotes for custom one offs – anarchyaudioaustralia@gmail dot com




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