A simple, yet effective tone enhancer, preamplifier and booster, with a NOS black glass germanium OC transistor (Phillips/Mullard) at its heart, the Gold Class is one of AA’s most popular selling pedal.

“Most of the Early AA pedals were associated with , heavy metal or punk distortion, but for a long time, id been lusting for a glassy clean/not clean/verge of breakup tone.”  – JC





Early prototype/pre-produciton (3)





Initial Testing






“after testing on various gear, from budget to high end…i knew i had struck gold, and begun to hoard as many of these transistors as i could get my hands on. unfortunately they are becoming harder and harder to come by… ” – JC



Production Run




The release of the Gold Class also coincided with AA securing distribution throughout Japan…










A limited run  with hotter spec NOS black Glass transistor.




These Black/Hot edition Gold Class were only offered to the AA facebook group due to a tragic and unforseen personal circumstance.  Thankyou to everyone who picked up one, as all funds were put towards allowing a group of close  long time friends to say good bye and celebrate the life of a loved one. RIP J.B 1982- 2017


Further availability of Stock for Black/Hot Edition will be only be offered when available transistors have been sorted and graded. sign up to the mailing list/facebook group for notification.

July 2018 (5 pcs available)

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