Limited Edition Run.

A heavily modified take on the Big Muff Circuit utilising Germanium Transistors and asymetrical LED  in the first and second clipping stage. 4th control for mid frequency shifting from scooped to a more cutting eq.

“Like the big muff sound, but can’t get anything but a muffled, blanket over speaker, muddy mess when stacking into your amps crunchy channel?

This offering is a highly modified take on the muff circuit, that sounds like no muff you have ever heard. For one, its “transparent” and manages to retain your amps dirt sound. Used in a low to medium overdrive booster application, this adds the characteristic lows, smooth sustain and wall of fuzz sound, to your core tone.” JC(AA)

dubbed the “Fuzz Driver” by the Rock Inn


Early version/one off


Limited production run, utilising russian germanium transistors






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